JINX seminar talk at the Isaac Newton Institute


I gave a talk at the Isaac Newton Institite through the JINX seminar series. The talk was titled "Asymptotic-preserving dynamical low-rank discretization of kinetic plasma models".

You can watch the recording online.

The slides are also available.


The Vlasov-Maxwell-Landau system can provide a high fidelity reproduction of plasma physics, but only at great computational cost. Recently, the dynamical low-rank method has been applied to kinetic simulation of plasmas, with promising results. The existence of low-rank structure in asymptotic limits of collisional kinetic equations is further motivation for its application to this class of systems. We introduce the dynamical low-rank method and the robust projector-splitting integrator. We then discuss an asymptotic-preserving discretization for the high-field limit of the Vlasov-Ampere system, a simplification of the Vlasov-Maxwell system